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Uli's Racing Legends

L1014 Sandy Lane at Twyffelfontein, Namibia

L1014 Sandy Lane at Twyffelfontein, Namibia

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L1014 Sandy Lane at Twyffelfontein

Photography by Luke Ehrlich

The Damaraland around Twyffelfontein Camp is a huge, deserted country. Eternal expanses with constantly changing mountain formations, some of which emerge from grassy plains or sandy areas. From the Twyffelfontein Lodge, with a bit of luck you can encounter the desert elephants of Damaraland via these dirt roads. If rain has fallen over one of the mountains, they follow the smell of the moisture. When we were there in February 2022, we found their clear tracks, but unfortunately we did not meet the column of large and small elephants of Damaraland.

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