Personalization of paintings

In addition to the possibility of commissions, you also have the option of transforming an existing painting into your personal car according to your wishes.

Among other things, we can change the color of a car in Uli's paintings for you so that it corresponds to your personal vehicle.


We can also change the license plate number of the vehicle. It's no problem to match the numbers and letters, style and color of the license plate to yours.

Details like interior color, soft top color and also door handles, bumpers, wheels or driver's position can usually be changed.

The cost of this digital art alteration as seen here is only 90 to 120 euros in addition to the product price. For this budget we can change the color, the license plate, the color of the seats and the type of bumpers.

Drop us a personal message and let us know how we can bring your vehicle to life.

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