FAQ Uli's Racing Legends

Can Uli paint my car?
Uli likes to paint your car. Just send your ideas and a photo or two for an offer to info@ehretdesign.de.

How big are the originals?
Usually Uli paints on paper in the format 64 x 50 cm or 75 x 56 cm.
However, he can also paint them in landscape formats such as 64 x 25 cm or simply in a smaller format of 40 x 30 cm.

What is the cost of an original?
There is a range from 490 euros to 2890 euros.
A moving car without any background in 40 x 30 cm costs 490 euros.
If you want Uli to paint two or three cars and a spectacular background with a grandstand, track buildings or a landscape, the price is 2890 euros. The larger the paper, the more cars, the more detailed the background, the higher the price for a commissioned painting.

Can I have an original painted that is larger than 75 cm wide?
Uli can paint an original for you - the maximum size is 75 cm.
But Uli can also create a unique art print on canvas in a size of 100 cm, 180 cm or even 240 cm wide.
You then own two unique works of art. The original and one-of-a-kind art print in exactly the size you want.

How long does it take Uli to paint the original?
Uli needs about 14 days to paint an original.
However, since there are usually 10 to 12 customers waiting for an original painting, please contact Uli for the exact schedule.
If the job is urgent, it may be possible to meet your schedule.

How can I follow the development of the artwork?
Uli will send you a black and white jpg before he starts coloring.
Uli can send you photos of the development of the artwork via whats app or email.

Can I order a print exactly the size I need?
Yes, on fine art paper or on canvas - Uli can provide you with the size you want. Please ask for the size you have in mind - we will try to accommodate you.

Do I have to buy an art print framed?
No, you can have any item without a frame.

Do you also offer other frames - in other colors?
Uli offers special frames on request. There is a wide choice of wooden or aluminum frames. Please send us your wishes - and we will make you an offer.

Why do you send large art prints and originals without glass?
Even if we pack the paintings in wooden boxes or with three layers of cardboard, glass over 50cm in size does not always arrive undamaged, which could damage the painting itself. We have therefore decided to offer frames and mats, but to send the originals and large art prints without glass.

How are the art prints made?
Uli's fine art prints are of the highest quality. They are printed in eight colors on 250g/m² fine art paper. They are protected against UV radiation. The canvas prints are of the same quality. Any print larger than 50cm is even handmade. Uli's prints are made in Germany.

Do you work sustainably?
Uli's pictures are based exclusively on watercolors made in Germany. The paper comes from Germany, Italy and France. We recycle all packaging materials, such as cardboard and bubble wrap. All our foils and boxes have a second life - most of them have been used to deliver products to us. We clean and store them until we need them for packaging frames and books. Our packing tape is paper based and uses natural adhesive bases. The books are printed in the EU, at KOPA in Lithuania, under the highest ecological standards. Our art prints all come from Germany - and all four companies work with ecologically certified production lines.
For transport with DHL and UPS, we use their "GoGreen" programs - which means we pay a fee for the emissions caused by the shipping of your package. Our exhibition boards and displays have been in use since 2005 - most of which are made from recycled cardboard. Our Opel Vivaro Transporter has been in use since 2011 and although it already has 200,000 km on the clock, we have not exchanged it for a new model. We have serviced it every year since then and fixed what was needed.
Our gallery lighting is only switched on when guests arrive. Marvin Klemm, our main employee, only goes to work by bike or train.
All of us at Uli's Racing Legnds do what we can to reduce our ecological footprint.

Is there a way to personalize an existing image?
You can choose any vehicle livery from Uli's large portfolio and we can change the colour, interior and registration number for you. We can even change some personal details like wheels, mirrors, etc. Please ask us for an offer.
You are also welcome to look under the "your car" tab to see which personalizations are possible.

Our shop does not offer you delivery?
If DHL and UPS deliver to your destination, we can help you.
Please contact us by mail or just give us a call, we will do our best to find a solution.

Can you combine two or more images into one art print?
We can do that. Let us know your ideas.

Can you print on surfaces other than paper and canvas?
We have already printed Uli's artworks on plexiglass, aluminium, plastic panels and textile fabrics, but also on cardboard and sticker film. How long does it take to ship a print?
Pictures and books less than 50 cm wide can be sent to European countries within 3-5 days.
Larger prints and canvases need 10-12 days to arrive in EU and European countries.
Expedited shipping is required for shipments to America, Africa or Asia, so that they arrive safely in 10-12 days. Economy shipping delays to these continents are usually unpredictable. Some need 30 days or more.
We would be happy to make you an offer for worldwide express shipping.

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