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#0931 BMW M6 GT3

#0931 BMW M6 GT3

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24H Nürburgring 2020

BMW M6 GT3 #99
Drivers: Nick Catsburg, Alexander Sims, Nick Yelloly

BMW M6 GT3 #42
Drivers: Augusto Farfus, Jens Klingmann, Martin Tomczyk, Sheldon van der Linde

Every year, the 24 hours at the Nürburgring offer the attentive spectator a change in the leadership of the race that other events hardly manage to do. The reason for this is the race equipped with 30, sometimes 40 GT3 cars capable of winning. The other 120 to 160 vehicles from the NLS (VLN), Blanc Pain series, GT Masters and other series for real touring and GT racing cars, starting in a total of three groups, form an event of almost confusing proportions. If it weren't for the wonderful race commentators who provide enlightenment on the radio, in the VIP lounges, on the TV couches at home and in faraway countries. This was also necessary in 2020, when the Rowe Racing Team's BMW M6GT3 continued to attract attention after a sluggish qualifying session. Hour after hour the Eifel weather eliminated favorites. It was a tough sprint race, but also characterized by survival training through unpredictably wet sections of track, tobogganed competitors, vehicle parts everywhere - and the lottery not to overlook the Code 60 sections. Alexander Sims, Nicky Catsburg and Nick Yelloly fought their M6 through all passages intact. The strongest opponent in the end, the Audi R8 of the CarCollection team, missed the tire change to rain tires by a decisive lap, Rowe did not - and so a 10 second deficit became a 50 second lead. But Haase in the Audi gave it his all - came within 20 seconds - and yet BMW celebrated the deserved 20th victory of the 24 Hours at the Ring, exactly 50 years after the first. The Schnitzer BMW #42 in third place cemented Munich's success.

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