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#0860 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI

#0860 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI

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Nicola Larini, DTM Hockenheimring 1996

The Alfa Romeo brand is part of the Italian motorsport soul. The brand embodies the automotive pride of a nation, at least on a par with Ferrari and Maserati - just in its own way. Alfa Romeo is one of the few brands that has been able to achieve so much success in key areas of sport. The extremely successful 6C and 8C racing cars of the late 1920s form the basis of the brand's reputation, the immediate post-war period is another highlight of the brand in racing with Grand Prix and Formula 1 victories and the world championship by Farina in 1950 and Fangio in 1951 The GTAs and BT33 also document the glory days of Milanese racing cars. Most recently, however, it was the 155 V6 TI that continued Alfa Romeo sports history in 1993. Larini, Nannini, Danner - all owe fame and fame, outstanding moments and great victories to the great Giorgio Pianta and his Alfa Corse racing department. In 1993 Nicola Larini then also became DTM Champion with 261 points ahead of Roland Asch in the Mercedes 190E with 206 points. Alfa wins 12 of the 20 DTM races.

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