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#0820 Aston Martin DB MK III

#0820 Aston Martin DB MK III

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The 50s and 60s have influenced the image values ​​of the vehicles to this day. The performance, quality and image of a vehicle were not least embodied in its external form. When animals became trademarks of automobile companies, this served not least to transfer their attributes and abilities to the product. The outer shape of a car body arouses very similar feelings. Some elements of automotive design have therefore been retained for decades. Just as the round headlights of the Porsche 911 were and are important for sales, the radiator grille of an Aston Martin is unmistakable and for designers of all decades it is both an obligation and a template. On this beautiful Aston Martin DB Mark III, the design of the radiator grille was so much in line with the expectations of Aston Martin buyers that its characteristic shape is characteristic of the British brand to this day. It's hard to believe that John Turner, who was only 17 at the time, designed this core style element for the 1957 production start of the Mark III.

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