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Ulis Racing Legends

#0795 Vauxhall Manta

#0795 Vauxhall Manta

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24H of Nürburgring 2018

Nurburgring, Nurburg

There are many reasons why you can do motorsport. With the team around the Opel Manta B, it can only be one thing: great fun. The community around owners Hans-Olaf Beckmann and Volker Stryczek and their foxtail-reinforced car are simply indispensable in the VLN scene. Around the Nordschleife and the Grand Prix track you always get applause just for being there. But one should not underestimate the 930 kg Manta as "just-just-on-the-go". The vehicle built in 1981 is highly modern in many details and brings 225 hp to the Eifel tar. The experienced warhorses around ex-Opel Motorsport Director Stryczek were very often in the top 30 of 180 or more vehicles. The scene of the NLS is an illustration and a field of contact for many generations of German motorsport. You only have to walk up and down the pit lane once - you are right in the middle of motorsport, and not just in the German-speaking world. Teams from Japan and all over the world come to the Eifel especially for this event. And they keep coming back.

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