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Ulis Racing Legends

#0794 Winfried Seidel

#0794 Winfried Seidel

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Benz racing car 1910
Carl Benz Museum in Ladenburg

This book will not only name technical values ​​and motorsport records, but above all the people behind the victories. To begin with Winfried A. Seidel is only correct and consistent in this context. In 1987, he was the first client to commission me with the things I actually wanted to create: logos, illustrations and brochures for companies in the automotive industry. In 1987, Winfried still had the "Small Car Museum" in Ladenburg before he was able to expand it in two steps into the wonderful building it is today. I have accompanied his public relations work over the years. The logo of the Carl-Benz Museum, which resides in the beautiful historic industrial building of the Benz brothers, Carl's sons, is still used today. His family and friends commissioned the watercolor from me for one of his milestone birthdays. It shows Winfried in front of his museum on his showpiece, the Benz & Sons pre-war racing car.

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