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Ulis Racing Legends

#0755 Horex Rebel, Horex Resident

#0755 Horex Rebel, Horex Resident

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Racing motorbikes participants at the Motorbike Grand Prix Germany 1960s

designed by Wilhelm Schuessler, Laudenbach

The two Horex racing machines shown were built by Wilhelm Schüssler from Laudenbach in northern Baden for the German motorcycle championship in the 1960s. The granddaughter presented the two family-owned motorcycles in Uli's gallery in 2018 and said: "In qualifying and in the first laps of the race, my grandfather taught the established teams from DKW and BMW to fear". His own construction actually used parts of the Horex scooters and created ultra-light, high-revving "racing saws". Even then, he used parts of the frame as a tank reservoir. Horex itself was founded by Fritz Kleemann. He formed the name from his hometown of Bad Homburg and his parents' "Rex" canning factory. With his first model, a 250cc machine devised by Eduard Freise, he quickly celebrated considerable racing success.

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