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#0733A Rebellion Racing

#0733A Rebellion Racing

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24H of Le Mans 2018

Rebellion R13 #1
Drivers: Bruno Senna, André Lotterer, Neel Jani
4th place overall, 4th place in LMP1

Seebah Racing, an experienced Swiss racing team, was renamed Rebellion Racing in 2010 - the sponsor Rebellion Watches from Switzerland was involved as a sponsor from that day on. In the Porsche and Audi years you were more of an outsider in the LMP2 and LMP1 alongside Toyota, but in 2018 after Porsche withdrew you came into focus as the only challenger to Toyota. However, the qualifying times of Gustavo Menezes, Mathias Beche and Thomas Laurent were two and four seconds behind the two Toyotas respectively. After all: Rebellion drove to the excellent third place overall in the race with starting number 3, but overall they had promised more excitement and equality from the balance of performance in the announcement for the LMP1 season 2018. In 2019, the #3 again drove 376 laps in the 24 Hours of Le Mans - again exactly ten laps less than the winner. However, in the qualifying session, they made people sit up and take notice and were only a few tenths slower than the Toyota - with sensationally fast lap times of 3:16 min.

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