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Ulis Racing Legends

#0719 'Firece'

#0719 'Firece'

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Fiat 500 series 1

Fiat 500 series 2

Few man-made products are seen as iconic in their field, even if they are purely practical in nature and cannot follow any high-end attributes. It is the dream of every designer to create a product that many people like, that many people like, that is very useful and that is still described as "great" and loved many times over without any value or image. Dante Giacosa did this with the Fiat 500 in 1957 and his design was successfully produced and sold until 1975. It was actually called the Nuova 500 because it replaced the already very successful Fiat 500 Topolino. The fact that the modern version today follows the basic design ideas again and is successful again shows how much design can express and contain feelings.

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