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#0713 Mercedes Benz W111

#0713 Mercedes Benz W111

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Safety first - given the number of accidents in the 1950s, this motto was no wonder. As early as 1959, the W111 took vehicle interior safety to new dimensions. It was the first car to have a stable passenger cell and effective crumple zones. For the first time, the wedge-pin door locks prevented the door from being opened in the event of an accident and the occupants from being thrown out. For this purpose, test vehicles were intentionally rolled over at 80 km/h in order to achieve this protective effect. The steering wheel had an impact plate with an elastic cover, and the dashboard had control and information elements that were sunk into it. Everything you need to know about safety in the event of an accident. Bruno Sacco designed the body with the “gauge bridges” or tail fins for Mercedes Benz.

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