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Ulis Racing Legends

#0693 Maserati 250F

#0693 Maserati 250F

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Juan Manuel Fangio Monaco Grand Prix 1952

Everything that makes a Monaco Grand Prix was presented in 1957. Four Maserati against four Ferrari - all in good hands. Juan Manuel Fangio – at the height of his art and already a two-time World Champion, at the wheel of the 250F, along with his teammates Masten Gregory, Giorgio Scarlatti, Carlos Mendeteguy, Harry Schell and Horace Gould. The other legends sit in the Ferrari 801: Maurice Trintignant, Wolfgang von Trips, Peter Collins and in the Ferrari-Lancia D 50 Mike Hawthorn. In addition, a modern Cooper Climax with a rear engine and Jack Brabham at the wheel, as well as a traditionally shaped Vanwall with Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks at the wheel. Moss passes Fangio after the start. Collins grabs the world champion shortly thereafter. But Moss overestimates himself, causes a major mass accident that only Fangio escapes from, miraculously masterfully and also as if by magic, he slips through the collided quick starters - only to control the race for the remaining 95 laps like a world champion - even if towards the end the second gear is "missing". "To arrive first, you must first arrive".

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