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#0687 By Kolles

#0687 By Kolles

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24 Hours of Le Mans 2017

By Kolles ENSO CLM P1/01 #4
Drivers: Dominik Kraihamer, Oliver Webb, Marco Bonanomi

The story of Oliver Webb in his ByKolles LMP1 in 2017 at the great classic at the Sarthe tells how easily a race in Le Mans can fail. The private team has big plans for the 24 hours. Qualifying doesn't show the full potential of the prototype. With a time of 3:24, you stay 2 seconds below your own expectations - the traffic was to blame. Early in the race, after a hopeful start from sixth place behind the Toyota and Porsches, Oliver Webb hit a piece of debris at the front and he then slid off the track in the right-hand corner of the Tertre Rouge and at high speed. The steering breaks and the curbs destroy the aerodynamically important front splitter. Oliver is happy not to have crashed into the crash barriers. As a result, the engine overheated because not enough air was getting to the cooler. After a few laps, the Le Mans dream of possibly being up front was over. It's hard to imagine what ByKolles could have achieved this year. Perhaps the gap to the #2 Porsche could have been greater than the Jackie Chan LMP2 was able to.

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