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#0068 Bentley Speed 8

#0068 Bentley Speed 8

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24H of Le Mans 2001

Bentley Speed ​​8,
Drivers: Martin Brundle, Stephane Ortelli, Guy Smith

Bentley were looking for experienced drivers for their return to Le Mans in 2001 and chose 52-year-old West Norfolk native Martin Brundle for their team. Unusually, Brundle's career had started in 1971 - with grass racing in a self-primed Ford Anglia. He progressed his career on hot rods, BMW touring cars with Tom Walkinshaw's team and Formula 3, through to a frustrating career in Formula 1 but then greater success again with Jaguar in the World Sportscar Championship. Of his eight races at Le Mans, he always drove a Jaguar from 1987 until his victory in 1990. His only finish – apart from a return to La Sarthe with his son Alex in 2012 when they finished fifteenth. The Bentley caught fire in its first outing and Brundle was forced to retire along with teammates Stéphane Ortelli and Guy Smith. The sister vehicle came in third. Brundle retired from racing in 1997 and became an award-winning Formula 1 presenter.

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