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#0574 'All American Legends'

#0574 'All American Legends'

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Eagle Weslake, Formula One

Winner Grand Prix Belgium 1967 ,
Dan Gurney

“All American Legend” is a clever euphemism by Dan Gurney, pictured here at the wheel of his winning Eagle Gurney Weslake V-12, number 36, at the 1967 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps. He is the only American to have won a Formula 1 race as a driver of his own design. He is one of the few to have won a Formula 1 World Championship Grand Prix and a Le Mans race. It was also in 1967 when he won the 24-hour race at the Sarthe with AJ Foyt in a Ford GT40 - and was the first to shower bystanders with champagne - a tradition of winners that continues to this day. He also has NASCAR and IndyCar victories to his credit - and with his All American Racer Team he is still actively involved in the development of all types of racing cars, most recently in the Delta Wing racing car project.

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