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#0564 McLaren GTR F1

#0564 McLaren GTR F1

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Le Mans 24 Hours 1995

Yannick Dalmas / Masanori Sekiya / JJ Lehto
1st place overall, 1st place in GT1 category

Demand from some teams for a competitive car for the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans encouraged Gordon Murray to revise his new McLaren F1 sports car for the event - with the result being the GTR. In fact, no extensive modification was necessary, apart from the cooling system and the rear wing to improve downforce. The lightweight racing car was powered by the BMW S70 6.1 liter V12 engine, which was throttled to 600 hp with a restrictor. The #59 black 'test car', driven by 'JJ' Lehto, Masanori Sekiya and Yannick Dalmas, won the race, with sister cars third, fourth and fifth respectively.

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