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#0530Toyota 87C

#0530Toyota 87C

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24H of Le Mans 1987

Toyota 87C #36
Jaguar XJR 9LM

In the third year at Le Mans, the Toyotas got going. Team TOM's two 87C-L had a truly international line-up of drivers to offer. Australian Alan Jones, quite a serious character to say the least, who finished sixth in a 1984 Porsche. Briton Geoff Lees, with a wealth of experience from fourteen races at Le Mans, and Swede Eje Elgh, who finished second in his category in 1992 and 1993, his best results in ten outings at La Sarthe. The watercolor shows the Toyota with starting number 26 storming past the pits on the starting laps. They dropped out after 19 laps, Jones was probably not wearing his lucky red pants that day – the sister car only made twenty laps more. The following Jaguar with starting number 4 will finish fifth.

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