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#0521 Bugatti T59

#0521 Bugatti T59

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Bugatti T59
Grand Prix race cars
Jean-Pierre Wimille

French Grand Prix 1937

Originally signed by Michel Bugatti

The ultimate expansion stage in the development of the Type 35 racing car from Bugatti is the Type 59. It represented Bugatti's final design draft in the 1930s and its last two-seater Grand Prix racing car. The original 2.8 liter engine was quickly replaced by a 3 .3 liter version of the in-line 8-cylinder, which made 250 hp with a Roots supercharger. Positioned lower, it improved weight distribution - the drilled steel ladder frame made the chassis lighter. The elegantly shaped wheels had piano wire spokes and the brakes were cable operated. The works cars made their debut at the 1933 Spanish Grand Prix at San Sebastian, but apart from victory at the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa in 1934, by René Dreyfus, the competitive days were numbered - and Bugatti retired them from racing, using them in modified sports car races form again. Despite their limited success, they are still regarded as one of the best handling racing cars of the era.

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