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Ulis Racing Legends

#0516 'L´Age d´Or, Bugatti T59, Breguet record plane

#0516 'L´Age d´Or, Bugatti T59, Breguet record plane

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Breguet avion record, Jean Pierre Wimille, Monaco 1926

What a moving scene, it symbolizes the longing for speed in combination with a certain elegance, the spirit of the thirties. Bugatti's ultimate racing car, the Type 59, shown here hurtling down Monaco's Esplanade, was driven by such gifted pilots as Jean Pierre Wimille - whose sole aim when jumping into the racing seat was to achieve victory. The graceful lines of the French record-breaking Breguet-19 plane circling over Wimille correspond to the desire to fly faster and faster - so typical of the time. With this aircraft, the non-stop flight distance record over 5400 km from Paris to Djask on the Black Sea was set up on October 28-29, 1926 after 32 hours of flight time. The watercolor exudes the spectacle of the intoxication of speed.

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