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#0383 'Shelby Rocks the Sarthe'

#0383 'Shelby Rocks the Sarthe'

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Le Mans 24 Hours 1966

#2 Ford GT40 Mk.II
Bruce McLaren / Chris Amon
1st place overall, 1st place in P +5.0 category

#31 Porsche 906/6L Carrera 6
Hans Herrmann and Herbert Linge
5th place overall, 2nd place in P 2.0 category

The first of four consecutive Le Mans victories by Ford was achieved in 1966 when the GT 40 took the podium. After the success of the Cobra coupes, Carrol Shelby was put in charge of the Ford works program - and the result was outstanding: both Shelby-American race cars finished first and second. However, there are still controversial discussions about the closest finish line to date. Intending to create a carefully arranged photograph of the finish line, Ford had instructed both vehicles to cross the line together, albeit separated by a few feet. Leading Ken Miles and Bruce McLaren in second obediently did as they were told. But neither the two pilots nor the team management had considered the starting grid, so in the end the race management decided that McLaren and Chris Amon had covered the longer race distance. So it was clear that Miles and team partner Dennis Hulme had lost the race because of about eight meters. The painting also shows the Porsche 906 by Herrmann/Linge and the Ferrari 330 P3 by Bandini/Guichet. Both Ferrari and Porsche had sent an armada of vehicles and first-class drivers to Le Mans. But Ford secured the double success in a memorable race.

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