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#0032 24H of Le Mans 1955

#0032 24H of Le Mans 1955

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#6 Jaguar D Type
Mike Hawthorn and Ivor Bueb
1st place overall, 1st place in S5.0 category

#5 Ferrari 121LM
Maurice Trintignant and Harry Schell
32nd place overall, 4th place in S 5.0 category

#19 Mercedes Benz 300 SLR
Juan Manuel Fangio / Stirling Moss
29th place overall, 4th place in S 3.0 category

#23 Aston Martin DB3S
Peter Collins and Paul Frere
2nd place overall, 1st place in S 3.0 category

"The qualifying sessions at Le Mans were even more dangerous than the race itself. Everyone was experimenting with the latest technical solutions on their car, mechanical damage was very common and oil that subsequently spilled over the Hunaudières was only fixed on the Cleaned up in the evening of a test day. Juan Manuel Fangio weaving through the wrecks and crashed vehicles in front of him seemed like a miracle to me. He must have had a sixth sense to avoid scratching our car. His extraordinary experience certainly saved him few times life."

Source: Stirling Moss, in an interview about his teammate Fangio,
Pirelli book “Juan Manuel Fangio”, Heel Verlag, page 119

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