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Ulis Racing Legends

#0314 'Destination Espoir'

#0314 'Destination Espoir'

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Venturi Electric Speed ​​Record Cars 2010

"Jamais Contente" Electric Speed ​​Record Car 1906 on Salt Lake

Two contemporary world record-breaking Venturi cars race across the Bonneville Salt Flats side-by-side with a pioneer of racing's eons. Today, battery-powered cars are no match for their jet-powered rivals, but in 1899 racer Camille Jenatzy set the record with the electric-powered Jamais Contente (left vehicle in image #314). Over a century later, Venturi is at the forefront of designers and manufacturers of record-breaking alternative energy vehicles. Buckeye Bullet 2 (pictured right) sets the benchmark for hydrogen-powered vehicles, while its stablemate, the Buckeye Bullet 2.5, holds the record for electric vehicles. Both can reach speeds of almost 500 kilometers per hour.

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