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#0258 Porsche 962C

#0258 Porsche 962C

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24H of Le Mans 1988

Porsche 962C #17
Drivers: Hans-Joachim Stuck / Klaus Ludwig / Derek Bell
2nd place overall, 2nd place in C1

Of all the beautiful Shell sponsored race cars, the 1988 Stuck/Bell/Ludwig 962 is among the most beautiful. In an epic battle through the night into early morning, Stuck and Bell kept their car on course for the podium against strong Jaguar opposition. The XJR 9LM proved superior in the end, but Ludwig's misjudgment of the fuel reserve also helped the "cats" to take the lead after Stuck had put in a unique night hunt with constant best times. It is followed by the New Man / TakaQ Toyota and another fascinating car, the second Spice works car from the C2 category, which is just braking with the 962 at the Ford chicanes.

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