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#0239 Ferrari 330 P4

#0239 Ferrari 330 P4

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Le Mans 24 Hours 1967
Scuderia Ferrari

#21 Ferrari 330P4
Ludovico Scarfiotti / Mike Parkes
2nd place overall, 2nd place in P 5.0 category

#24 Ferrari 330P4
Willy Mairesse / Jean Blaton,
3rd place overall, 3rd place in P 5.0 category

Ferrari had high hopes for Le Mans after the successes of the new, powerful 330 P4 at Daytona and Monza in early 1967. Three were entered in the race, two by Scuderia Ferrari and a third by an all Belgian team, the "Équipe Nationale Belge", with drivers Willy Mairesse and Jean "Beurlys". Willy Mairesse was always focused on winning every race he entered. He survived numerous racing accidents throughout his career, but serious injuries sustained in an accident in 1968 ultimately led to his retirement from racing at the age of 40. "Beurlys" was Jean Blaton's pseudonym to hide racing from his family. He drove almost all types of Ferraris, with some success in his twenty-one year career. Including five podium finishes at Le Mans. He shared the steering wheel most often with Mairesse. After racing he ran a construction company and for some time had a large racing car collection. In 2016 he was 87 years old. The painting shows the Belgian number 24 car, which finished third overall, closely followed by the works car, number 21, which finished second in 1967 with Ludovico Scarfiotti and Mike Parkes.

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