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#0203 Aston Martin DB3S

#0203 Aston Martin DB3S

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Dundrod Tourist Trophy 1955

The Aston Martin is followed by a Jaguar D-Type

The town of Dundrod, west of Belfast in Ireland, gave its name to the nearby 12-kilometre circuit, which was mainly used for endurance racing in the 1950s. The dangerous mix of fast country roads and narrow lanes riddled with bumps and road deformations, sudden jumps and ditches tested the drivers' skills to the extreme. The image shows an Aston Martin DB3S being harassed by a drifting Jaguar D-Type. Mercedes and Aston tested their equipment and drivers at Dundrod in 1955. In the background, Moss is seen on a Mercedes trying to "hang on" with Hawthorn in the Jaguar.

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