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#0193 Rollcentre Racing Pescarolo, 'I am singing in the Rain'

#0193 Rollcentre Racing Pescarolo, 'I am singing in the Rain'

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24 Hours of Le Mans 2008

Pescarolo Judd #18
Team Roll Center Racing
Drivers: Martin Short, Joao Barbosa, Vanina Ickx
4th place overall, 4th place in LMP1

Two Pescarolo LMP1s fight wheel to wheel for the best braking position for the upcoming Mulsanne corner. The works car with Collard, Bouillon and Dumas in the background makes the podium and finishes third overall, 11 laps ahead of the privateer Rollcenter of Martin Short, Joao Barbosa and Stuart Hall. Team Rollcentre Racing's best result to date. The caption tells the story of the dramatic weather conditions of 2007 and Joao Barbosa's battle with fatigue in the final hours of the race and the difficulty of keeping the car on the wet pavement even when the safety car went ahead.

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