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Ulis Racing Legends

#0113 Porsche 550/4 RS 1500 Spyder

#0113 Porsche 550/4 RS 1500 Spyder

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24H of Le Mans 1955

Porsche 550/4 RS 1500 Spyder #37
Helmut Polensky, Richard von Frankenburg
4th place overall, 1st place in S1.5 class

The Porsche racing history and its glamorous image are closely related to the 24 hour race of Le Mans. Ferdinand Porsche and Huschke von Hanstein are names that symbolize the economic miracle in post-war Germany in their own way. In these years, not only does the Mercedes star rise again, but the Stuttgart brand Porsche also makes itself known worldwide. The painting shows the 550cc Porsche owned by Polensky and von Frankenberg, which won the 1500cc class at Le Mans in 1955.

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