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#0111XS 'A Tribute to David Piper'

#0111XS 'A Tribute to David Piper'

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24H of Le Mans 1970

Steve McQueen

Porsche 917KH
Ferrari 512S

Perhaps the most famous sports car of all time races towards the Porsche curves coming from the Arnage curve. Not a single Gulf-colored Porsche 917 driven by John Wyer will make it the entire distance in 1970, but thanks to Hollywood and Steve McQueen, the Gulf-colored 917s are being credited with a legend that is untrue for Le Mans 1970. The 917 #20 has an accident in the film. David Piper loses a leg doing stunts during filming because he violently executes the accident scene in the Porsche corners. However, the scene painted in Uli Ehrlich's watercolor shows the last lap in the film, when McQueen has switched to the 917 #21 and "Erich Stahler" blocks the Ferrari 512 so that the leading Porsche #22 can win.

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