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#1038 Cheetah at Letaba

#1038 Cheetah at Letaba

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1038 Cheetah at Letaba

Original 42x30 cm

In the Kruger National Park, in north-eastern South Africa, lies Letaba - one of the many small camps in this huge national park. It is several hundred kilometers from the south to the north of the park. Visitors to the park pass through different vegetation zones. On one of the last days of our visit to the Kruger Park, we came to a crossroads. There was a direction stone - about a meter high, wide and deep. There was a sculpture on it - I thought. But suddenly she moved. It was a cheetah. We were able to drive up to a few meters and get the strongest impressions - in the few seconds in which he sat quietly. Unimpressed by us - cars are "air", he sat on it completely calmly. Only the ears moved. But suddenly he jumped off that pedestal - raced into the thicket with a few leaps and tore an ostrich baby. Before our eyes. Luk and I were completely amazed and totally fascinated. Often you see nothing at all for several hours. And then this indescribably beautiful animal. The watercolor is based on Luke's photos that he was able to take on March 2022.

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