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#1032 Citrus valley

#1032 Citrus valley

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1032 Citrusdal

The Citrusdal in South Africa lives up to its name. The mighty Orange River is divided here - into a natural, wild main course with villas and farmhouses scattered along the bank, and into canals that irrigate the fruit plantations.

The vine growers and fruit farmers win terraced areas that look like the Garden of Eden from the rugged, red stone of the mountains around the river, which are a few hundred meters high. Precisely because of their contrast. Everything depends on the water of the Orange River - north and south, there is only sufficient vegetation on its banks. Citrusdal is about 200 to 300 km from Cape Town.

Original 30x22 cm

Frame: Nimes III white stained, approx. 90 mm
natural white, perfectly historically patinated, matt.
Ibis x1060-860

External format of the frame: 62 x 54 cm
Glass format/passepartout format: 44 x 36 cm

Passepartout 3375 soft white smooth museum quality, 3 mm, acid-free

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