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Ulis Racing Legends

#1027 Solitaire Milkyway

#1027 Solitaire Milkyway

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1027 Solitaire Milky Way

The sky over the Naukluft Mountains is breathtaking. During the two starry nights we spent in one of Naukluft Lodge's cubic buildings, I saw the Milky Way so clearly for the first time - and its name first came to me. This cluster of apparently thousands of stars forms a tube of milky light. The chirping of crickets provided the music for this spectacle, which was unique for me.

Original 24x25cm

Frame: Nimes III white stained, approx. 90 mm
natural white, perfectly historically patinated, matt.
Ibis x1060-860

External format of the frame: 56 x 57 cm
Glass format/passepartout format: 38 x 39 cm

Passepartout 3375 soft white smooth museum quality, 3 mm, acid-free

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