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Ulis Racing Legends

#1025 Malta Heights

#1025 Malta Heights

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#1025 Malta Heights

From Solitaire and the beautiful Naukluft Mountains, our journey continued towards the Fish River Canyon. But first we had a day's journey ahead of us. The C19 from Solitaire towards Maltahöhe was recommended to us. There would be no broken bridges or fords to fear that could hinder our journey - so said Werner and also Jan, the owner of the Naukluft Lodge. Again we left a beloved idyll. Dinner with giant grasshoppers flapping around our ears, with the sun setting over the Naukluft plains - and the fantastic little lodge building - we would miss.

The journey was again adventurous. At first we stayed at the height of Solitaire - and only gradually did it develop into a valley with mountains rising to the left and right. Always changing rock formations accompanied us. One more photogenic than the other. Each mountain seemed to be shaped differently than the next. The tectonic layers, their colors and shapes did not resemble each other a second time. So it was about 160 kilometers on the slope classified as "C" in the direction of the Maltahöhe. Which now lay steeply in front of us at the end of the valley. A lot of green adorned the rugged rocks. It had rained here too.

We climbed the middle of Namibia on a fairly well developed C19. Into the endless, stony country, with its seemingly never-ending fences, and the rarely encountered, stray cattle and goats, which apparently belonged to one of the farmhouse driveways 30 kilometers away. An extreme form of livestock farming. The cattle and the farmer must know their way around - and surely many days will be wasted searching for the herd or individual members.

In Namibia we encountered almost exclusively off-road vehicles - and almost always in white. Everything else makes no sense between Solitaire and the Maltahöhe. Emptiness can be extremely impressive.

Original 30x10 cm

Frame: Nimes III antique black stained, approx. 90 mm
ash-grey-black, perfectly historically patinated, matt.
Ibis x1060-862

External format of the frame: 58 x 40 cm
Glass format/passepartout format: 42 x 24 cm

Passepartout 3375 soft white smooth museum quality, 3 mm, acid-free

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