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Ulis Racing Legends

#1023 Naukluft Mountains

#1023 Naukluft Mountains

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#1023 Naukluft Mountains success

In mid-February 2022 we will arrive in Solitaire with our Ford Ranger over the Gaub Pass and the Solitaire Mountains. The atmosphere resembles a Texan cowboy's nest. A gas station, rusted car wrecks and abandoned vehicle legends, tires, cacti and some buildings to meet the most important basic needs. It's scorching hot and dry. The scorching hot, red earth and the few plants immediately drive every visitor into the shade.

From Solitaire to the Naukluft Mountains it is a stone's throw of about 20 kilometers. We are incredibly lucky. Apparently, just a few days ago, God spread the hand of rain over the Naukluft Mountains. The valley into which we turned from the red glowing heat greets us with blooming plants. The scent of jasmine flows into the vehicle. The earth is darker red than in the other valley. The Solitaire Lodge is closed - the recent pandemic has prevented tourism for almost two years. We are among the few and among the first to go back to Solitaire and the Naukluft Mountains. The Naukluft Lodge is a paradise. The view from our lodge building could have come from the movie "The Martians" if the red plane were not wrapped in all shades of green for the first time in seven years. The mountains are still red and beige, but the plain in front of our building is wrapped in all the natural colors that make April and May blooming here: nature awakening.

Original 30x12 cm

Frame: Nimes III antique black stained, approx. 90 mm
ash-grey-black, perfectly historically patinated, matt.
Ibis x1060-862

External format of the frame: 58 x 40 cm
Glass format/passepartout format: 42 x 24 cm

Passepartout 3375 soft white smooth museum quality, 3 mm, acid-free

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