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Ulis Racing Legends

#1020 Mother and Daughter

#1020 Mother and Daughter

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1020 Mother and Daughter

A baby elephant and her mother trot along the Chobe River. The movements of the elephant children are incredibly cute. This scene, which I actually experienced, takes place in a rough environment. The mother means real protection for the little one from eight meter long crocodiles and lionesses on the Chobe River. It is she who allows the boy to be so happy. The herd that follows them is also a great safety factor.

Original 30x22 cm

Frame: VIN 900-127-700 perennial strips, Bavaria
Block frame 4 x 4 cm, colors: ochre, gold, gray and dark brown in wiping technique with
heavily textured surface

External format of the frame: 50 x 42.5 cm
Glass format/passepartout format: 43 x 35 cm

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