We can change the colors of a car on one of Uli's paintings. If you want a wonderful gift and surprise for a family member, friend or colleague, we can help you change colors and details, print a unique art print, Uli will sign it and we will send it framed, unframed or as a canvas art print Your Address.

We can also change the license plate number of the vehicle. It's no problem to customize the numbers and letters, style and color according to your license plate.

Other details like interior colors, convertible top colors and even smaller details like door handles, bumpers, wheels or driver's position can usually be changed.

The cost of this digital art alteration as we see it here is only 90 to 120 euros. For this budget we changed the color, the rear window type, the license plate, the color of the seats and the type of bumpers. In addition, please include the costs for printing, framing and shipping, eg for size S this is an additional 59 euros. So the total cost for a fully personalized gift measuring 25 x 30 cm is 149 euros. For a framed print in the format 40 x 50 cm, the costs are 209 euros including the digital art change. Framing, printing, signature and shipping.