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Because of the invitation of Audrey Belle - now Audrey Lelièvre, I went to Paris and exhibited my art work at Retromobile Paris. Since many years my friend and helper Audrey now was a big support. It feels like visiting my family today, when we head for Versailles or Paris downtown in February. Exhibiting at Paris is nothing common. The people are very open to art of course. With some of the visitors I also share a great friendship today. Thanks to Hervé and Stéphanie, Clément and Pierre, who also help me since years, just like Didier Carraud and his son Benjamin and his friend John Watine did. It feels great to drive into this big city - and do not feel alone at all. I remember the magic dinner with Rene Arnoux organized by Didier Carraud. Or the meeting with the nephew of Roland Garros and his family in 2013 at the stand of the airplane Moraine Saulnier. Knowing today that my family roots come from Paris (about 1680 my ancistors moved to Baden/Germany) this also seems to be a reason why it again and again leads me back to these wonderful french people.

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