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GC-1 "Snow - what snow? - Bentley"
GC-2 "Snow at Arnage - Porsche"
GC-5 "Xmas-Rallye"
GC-6 "Finally Home"
GC-9 "Christmas at Rome - Fiat"
GC-12 "Klausenpass"
GC-15 "Schneemaschine - Porsche RSR"
GC-16 "Lotus 41"
GC-18 "Audi Quattro"
GC-19 "VW Bulli"
GC-20 "VW Käfer"
GC-22 "Grand Tourisme - Bugatti & Plane"
GC-23 "Shell Gas Station"
GC-24 "Jo & Ronnie"
GC-26 "Großglockner - Auto Union"
GC-28 "Racing Home for Christmas"
GC-29 "Corvette and Horse"
GC-30 "Citroen 2 CV"
GC-33 "Santas Dream Service - VW Bulli"
GC-34 "Three Kings - Abarth, Mini, NSU"
GC-35 "The Paddocks"

"Parc Ferme - Aston Martin, Audi"

GC-38 "Home Run"
GC-39 "Heidelberg"
GC-40 "The Christmas Tree Rallye II - Bentley"
GC-41 "Three Generations Meeting"
GC-42 "Rudy the Mini - red"
GC-44 "Zapfsäulen"
GC-45 "4. Advent - VW Bulli"
GC-47 "Havanna Grand Prix - Jaguar XKSS"
GC-48 "T2 Parade"
GC-49 "Die Kraft der Ruhe"
GC-50 "Der Weihnachtsgast"
GC-51 "TT-Time"
GC-52 "Autostadt Wolfsburg"
GC-53 "The Simple Things"
GC-54 "Winterzauber in Rothenburg"
GC-55 "Ein Weihnachts-Wintermorgen"
GC-56 "Hoffnungsschimmer"
GC-57 "La Champagne en Neige"
GC-58 "Pink Pig Porsche LeMans 2018"
GC-59 "Lorraine Dietrich á Metz"
GC-60 "Die einfachen Dinge - VW Golf Serie 1"
GC-61 "Guardian Angel"
GC-62 "Licht im Dunkel"

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